Kinderkraft INDY 2 - silla de paseo | Dhalia Pink 2022

Kinderkraft INDY 2 - silla de paseo | Dhalia Pink 2022
Kinderkraft INDY 2 - silla de paseo | Dhalia Pink 2022
Kinderkraft INDY 2 - silla de paseo | Dhalia Pink 2022
Kinderkraft INDY 2 - silla de paseo | Dhalia Pink 2022
Kinderkraft INDY 2 - silla de paseo | Dhalia Pink 2022
Kinderkraft INDY 2 - silla de paseo | Dhalia Pink 2022
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Meet the INDY2 - a lightweight stroller that provides comfort for you and your child. Every parent will appreciate its large foam wheels that do not need to be inflated, ideal for use on city pavements. The backrest can be smoothly and quietly adjusted into the lie-flat position, allowing your child to take a comfortable nap outdoors. The INDY2 weighs just 6.4 kg, so you can easily carry the strooler - even up to the 4th floor. Thanks to the CLICK & FOLD system, it can be folded with one hand, and the waterproof hood with UPF50+ filter and other accessories will allow you to enjoy your walks, no matter the weather. The central brake allows you to stop quickly, while the practical headrest protects your child's head from bumps and rattles. Available adapters allow you to turn the INDY2 into a TRAVEL SYSTEM.

Light and easy to carry

The pushchair weighs only 6.4 kg, so you can carry by the safety bar. When folded, all the wheels are on one side, so you won't get your clothes dirty when carrying it.

Can create a TRAVEL SYSTEM

Available universal car seat adapters allow you to turn the pushchair into a TRAVEL SYSTEM.

Fold and unfold with one hand

The CLICK & FOLD system makes the pushchair easy to fold, even while holding your child in your other hand. The AUTO LOCK lock prevents it from unfolding unintentionally. When folded, the pushchair stands up on its own.

Lie-flat position

The wide range of backrest adjustments and 2 footrest positions make it easy to put the seat in the lie-flat position, allowing the INDY2 to carry children from birth up to 15 kg.

Waterproof hood with UPF50+ filter

The waterproof hood with UPF 50+ filter will protect your little one from both rain and direct sunlight. The filter also means the hood won't fade over time. The hood is equipped with a sunshade and a window.

Modern design

The pushchair has an attractive design and is available in several modern colors.


Child age/weight/height: newborn to 15 kg/max. 31.5"
Product Weight: 6,4 kg
Unolded product dimensions (L x W x H): 31.5" x 17.5" x 40.5"
Folded product dimensions: 25.5" x 17" x 12"
Package dimension: 17.5" x 9.25" x 24"
Length of seat in reclined position: 30"
Seat size: 7.25" x 13"
Footrest Size: 5.5" x 13.75"
Backrest size: 17" x 12.25"
Distance of seat from ground: 18.5"
Footrest size for older child: 12" x 2"
Parent Handle Height: 40.5"
Wheels diameter: 4"
Wheels base: 18"
Shopping basket size: 15.75" x 13.75" x 4.75"
Max. obciążenie kosza: 3 kg
Includes: leg warmer, waterproof cover


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